At DERQX we reward generous, when you bring new clients
As a token of appreciation, we reward €25 per client that you bring to DERQX.
Yes we pay hard cash. The money is transferred directly to your bank account!


Our website will automatically recognize who brings in a new client.
The whole process is fully automated and works through the DERQX code.


With every order we generate a unique code.
This code is linked to the person placing the order and is personal.


This code entitles the buyer € 10,- discount.
If someone orders with your code he/she gets  €10 discount and gets his/her own unique code.


But thats not all that happens.


When someone orders with your code, we transfer € 25,- to your bank account.
You can use your code as often as you want, and every time you earn € 25,-
So three things happen when one buys;

  1. The owner of the code gets paid € 25,-
  2. The buyer will receive € 10,- discount
  3. The buyer gets its own code.

Of course, you can use your own code, if you place a new order yourself. In this case, you receive € 10,- discount + € 25,- fee.


So you repeat purchases will not cost you € 59,- but € 24,- only.

Bring two people and have your purchase FOC!





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