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about perfume general
Why oil-based perfumes?

An important advantage is that oil-based perfumes do not dehydrate you skin, and therefore are very suitable and much less irritating for dry skin.

The oil based fragrance moisturizes the skin, but also ensures that the scent remains longer. Oil based perfumes are known as "skin scents". Through body temperature, the oil is gradually heated which enhances the scent.

Oil-based perfumes are sold in small containers, because they have a much higher concentration of the irresistible DERQX scent.

DERQX perfume is an oriental fragrance and is oil based.

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What differerentiates perfume from eau de toilette or aftershave?

Perfume is a mixture of various aromatic substances in a solvent. Usually, this solvent is alcohol, however DERQX uses oil.

Perfume is the highest concentration of any scent. It contains the highest percentage of fragrance ingredients, typically 20-40%. Because of this reason, a few drops are sufficient to last the entire day.

Eau de toilette contains less fragrance ingredients than perfume. Eau de toilette contains about 5-10% fragrance ingredients and is the most widely sold. It is also significantly cheaper than perfume. Eau de toilette was originally intended to be a refreshing body splash and therefor lasts shorter than perfume. Eau de toilette often need a re-boost during the day and needs to be re-applied to enhance the scent. Eau de toilette is usually sold in packs of 50-100ml.

Aftershave contains the lowest percentage of fragrance ingredients, typically 2-4%. Aftershave obviously is only meant for men and is sold in packs of 100-200ml.

DERQX "The power of passion" is a perfume and is sold in a 3ml. container.

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about DERQX perfumes
How and where do I apply DERQX?


Contrary to the alcohol-based perfumes DERQX perfume is not applied with an atomizer or spray.


DERQX perfume is applied to the forearm, and then massaged gently into the skin for best results. At the bottom of the cap is the glass rod applicator that is used to apply the perfume onto your skin. This guarantees the correct dose of perfume. The perfume is then massaged into the skin of your forearm by crossing your both arms and rubbing on each other. Within a few seconds you will smell the irrestable fragrance.

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How long does a bottle last?

The life span of a bottle very much dependent on the individual who uses DERQX. We cannot give you a precise answer however we often say: “it lasts as long as a good bottle of Whiskey. You can enjoy it a very long time, but you can also empty it in a few evenings”

Do you use it every day or just on special occasions? DERQX is very economical to use - You need only a single drop each time you use it.

A vial DERQX contains 3ml. This equals about 100 small drops. Enough for 100 applications or 100 days if you use it every day.


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Where does DERQX originate?


DERQX originates from the Middle East. The Arabs in this region have been experts in the manufacture of oil-based perfumes for thousands of years. DERQX is a very special blend of a number of ingredients, however some of these are: Musk (this comes from the Musk Deer who roam the Himalayas and Tibet. Musk was originally extracted from the abdominal gland in the Bronze Age in the region.) Incense (Extracted from a thicket or bush after stripping the bark – these grow in Somalia and southern Arabia) Myrrh (Myrrh is a sap that secretes through the bark of a ‘Commiphora Myrrha’ tree that grows in Somalia, Yemen, Eritrea and Ethopia. Myrrh creates the special balsamic scent in DERQX). But the exact recipe and other ingredients remain a secret, of course.

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Is perfume actually meant for men?

In our Western world it is a common believe that perfume is made for and used only by women. "Men do not use perfume" has often been claimed.

But why not? A perfume fragrance has a much higher concentration than After Shave or Eau de Toilette but with the advantage that you need far less to create an irresistible scent. Convenient, right? And men of course can also smell irresistible?

YES, perfume is also made for men.

We prove this with "The Power of Passion"

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about ordering and finance
How to use the DERQX-code?

When ordering a bottle DERQX, quote the DERQX-code that was given to you by the person who recommended DERQX to you. By doing this, you will get a €10 discount on your order and you will also receive a unique DERQX-code.

Give this personal DERQX-code to someone you recommend DERQX to, like family members friends or colleagues. Once someone orders a bottle of DERQX, using your DERQX-code, this person (or these persons) will get a €10 discount on his/her order.

SuccessBut perhaps even more important, you yourself will earn a recommendation fee of €25 per order placed. This amount will be added to your balance. The accumulated balance will be transferred to your banking account. You can use your code as often as you like and every time an order is placed quoting your DERQX-code you will receive €25.
Recommend it to 10 friends and you could make €250!

Your personal DERQX-code expires after 3 months. If you want to make use of this system, please enter your banking details into the relevant fields to enable us to transfer your well earned fee. When you purchase a new bottle yourself, you can of course use your own DERQX-code and get your €10 discount as well as a €25 recommendation fee.

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What is the validity period of an DERQX-code?




After placing your order you will receive your personal DERQX-code that you can hand out to friends. The expiry date can be found on the DERQX-code vouchers (PDF file) that you can download.
Alternatively you can also go to “my page” containing your personal data, your DERQX-code(s) and their expiry dates.

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How much do I get paid and when?


To check how much you get paid, go to “my page” where you will find a statement of your fees.
uitbetalen-smallFor every order placed with your DERQX-code you will receive a €25,- fee. The accumulated fees will be paid after 3 weeks. The reason for this is that DERQX customers are entitled to return their purchase within 2 weeks without questions asked. So only after 2 weeks we are certain that a sale is firm. The payment process is automated. No action is required from your side as long as we have your banking details.

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Where do I register my banking details?



For us to settle your accumulated funds we need your banking details.

After your registration you can log in to “my page”. Here you can enter your banking details and save them. Check carefully that you enter the correct information as this is your responsibility.

Your banking details remain strictly confidential and we guarantee your privacy for 100%.

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How much is shipping?

De costs of shipping depends on where you live. All orders are shipped from the Netherlands.

We ship to the folowing countries:

Nederland € 6,95
Austria € 13,00 
België € 13,00 
Denmark € 13,00 
Finland € 18,50 
France € 13,00 
Germany € 13,00 
Italy € 13,00 
Luxemburg € 13,00 
Norway € 19,30 
Poland € 18,50 
Portugal € 18,50 
Spain € 13,00 
Sweden € 13,00 
United Kingdom € 13,00 


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