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DERQX is a Dutch company, located in ’s-Hertogenbosch. We are enthusiastic zealous entrepreneurs with a passion for beautiful, original and high quality products.

But not only the products are original, our approach and strategy are original too. Values like; fun, reliability, quality and loyalty mean a lot to us.

We provide a high quality products; perfumes with class and taste that is unprecedented. These perfumes we make exclusively in the Middle East and are called:  
"the power of passion" and "the charm of passion"



You can't buy these products anywhere else, only available here.

DERQX may mean more to you than just a nice fragrance. With our products you can please your friends, family and peers in a lucrative way. Our well thought-out business model, allows you to make money quick and easy without investment. How this works you can read here.

                         We wish you a lot of pleasure with "perfumes with passion"




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